WASHDROPS™, A Gentle, Hose-Less “Wash and Shine Solution,” Is Choice of New, Environmentally Conscious Generation

(BUSINESS WIRE)--When washing your car, boat, truck, airplane, RV, or even a backyard deck, would you rather:

Use approximately 100 gallons of water, leaving a residue of sudsy oil, dirt, detergent and other contaminants that run down your driveway into a storm drain?

Or drop three capfuls (one ounce) of WASHDROPS™, an environmentally responsible, non-abrasive, non-foaming solution, into a gallon of water. Then, within minutes, wash with a clean sponge before wiping to a shine and emptying the bucket on a flower bed or lawn?

"With WASHDROPS™, consumers can wash everything from vehicles and patio furniture to aluminum siding, conserve water, a precious resource, and be environmentally responsible," said Marie T. Booyens of Cequent Consumer Products, Inc., the product's distributor. "It's so convenient and practical. It truly is the next environmentally conscious generation's product of choice."

Available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or one-gallon sizes (up to 128 washes), WASHDROPS™ is ideal for those living in apartments or working in commercial and industrial organizations. Since it requires so little water, WASHDROPS™ can be used during winter or in water-usage restricted areas such as campgrounds and parking lots.

This is how a solution of WASHDROPS™ works: Mixed with a gallon of water, it releases millions of elongated micro-molecules in a bucket or container. One end of a molecule embeds itself into dirt while the other pulls that same dirt particle into water. Simple sponging washes dirt and other contaminants away. Once wiped dry, a clean surface shines.

Since its introduction this spring, consumers have started using WASHDROPS™ across the United States. There also is keen interest in the product in Asia and the Middle East, where water scarcity is a serious issue.

Cequent Consumer Products, Inc. (www.cequent-cpi.com) combines the leading brands of Reese and Highland to offer the most complete line of towing and cargo management products in the world. Its products are sold in all major U.S. retailers.

Visit www.washdrops.com

To purchase the product on Amazon.com, visit http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Washdrops

For more information, contact Marie T. Booyens, mbooyens@cequentgroup.com


Christine Parker
Communications Associate

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